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Automate and generate instant background reports on prospective and existing employees.
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Advanced Hiring and Risk Products

Emp-Verify, our enterprise platform designed to automate and generate instant background reports on prospective new and existing employees. This is achieved through API integrations with local and international data sources, universities, sanctions lists and credit referencing bureaus.

Employee Background Check
Ex-Employee Repository

Mitigate Risk and Maintain Compliance

Emp-Verify generates compliant verification reports from data sources and partners for HR managers/recruiters to make pre-informed hiring decisions, while safeguarding their organisation against external threats and the negative impacts and costs associated with a bad hire.

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Improve Verification accuracy and conversion

Statistics have proven that about 80% of CVs are falsified for the purpose of hiding and keeping potential employers from uncovering information that can negatively impact a candidate’s chances of getting hired.

Ex-employee Repository

Emp-Verify has an inbuilt ex-employee repository designed for former employers to report employees terminated for adverse reasons. The feature reduces the man-hours HR managers put into responding to employee verification requests from other firms and recruiters.

Report Ex-employee

Frequently asked questions

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How safe is data shared on Emp-verify?

Which data fields are required to be shared on Emp-verify’s Ex-employee Repository?

What is your mandate for collecting and storing data?

A new standard in hiring solutions with advanced risk products

HR partners can place verification orders consisting criminal, employment, education, address, identity, professional certification and international database checks, review completed verification tasks and pending tasks, add additional requests all on one web-based system accessible from anywhere or time.

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Data Sources

Background information filtered, and validated across several data points.

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Created by a team of Ghanaian technology innovators and background check experts, our platform helps you hire at scale, improve compliance, and streamline operations.

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